Statement from Police Chief Regarding Incident at the U.S. Capitol

David Jones
January 14, 2020 By Hingham Police Department Interim Police Chief David Jones (from the HPD Website)

Last week, we joined the world as it watched in dismay, the events that unfolded in our Nation’s Capitol. The members of the Hingham Police Department condemn those that participated in illegal and dangerous actions, and vigorously support law enforcement's efforts to keep the peace, and bring to justice those who engaged in unlawful activity.

We were deeply saddened by the tragic deaths of Officer Brian Sicknick and Officer Howard Liebengood of the United States Capitol Police.

The Hingham Police Department continues to be vigilant and steadfast in our mission to keep our community safe.  We remain deeply committed to protecting all residents and visitors to our town regardless of religious affiliation, skin color, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

Anyone who feels unsafe or threatened should contact our Civil Rights Officer (CRO), Sergeant John Marquardt. The CRO is a community liaison charged with investigating potential hate crimes, answering any related questions, and being a resource to members of our community. In order to better serve our Town, and in the wake of last week’s events, we have established a special, dedicated line for residents to contact him directly with concerns or questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out by calling him at (781) 804-2230, or

As Interim Chief of the Hingham Police Department I want to reiterate that our mission is to support all residents and visitors to our community.  The officers of the Hingham Police Department embrace our core values of Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Leadership.


David P Jones

Interim Chief of Police

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