South Shore Conservatory Hosts Annual Mother’s Day Tea

Elizabeth Alexander and mom Courtney Alexander

South Shore Conservatory’s three-day preschool held its annual Mother’s Day Tea on Friday, May 10.  Dressed in their finest clothes, students promenaded around the school for their parents, then enjoyed jelly sandwiches shaped like butterflies and flowers, and drank apple juice “tea” from antique tea cups.  SSC faculty pianist Sarah Troxler played during the formal event. South Shore Conservatory’s arts-integrated preschool is located at One Conservatory Drive in Hingham.

SSC preschooler Evelyn practices her best “pinkie up” for the Mother’s Day tea.

SSC preschool mom Tracy Durso, Anna Durso and Niko Padia are all dressed up for the occasion.

Will McElaney looks for the pot that he decorated to give to his mom for Mother’s Day.

Preschooler Elizabeth and her mom Courtney take a break from cookie eating to take a Mother’s Day Tea selfie together.

Preschooler Dean Frazier chats with his friend in between sips.

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