Ski Team Makes History

Members of the Hingham boys ski team captured the league title for the first time in over 25 years.

February 28, 2023 – Story by Joshua Ross

Conditions haven’t been ideal this year for the boys and girls ski teams, but didn’t stop them for making history.  For the first time in 25 years, the boys team took home the league championship.  Usually BC High finishes on top of the standing each year, the Harbormen topple their decades of dominance.

The girls did pretty well themselves finishing second behind Norwell, even with the impediments of “good” weather this winter.

“It was a little bit of a rough season,” says senior captain Natalie Kardoos. “More than usually because it has been warmer and we didn’t get to go to Blue Hills a lot but the team has really made the most of it. We did a lot of dry land training, more than we usually do because we didn’t get to get on the snow as much. When we did get to go to Blue Hills, we took advantage of each and every practice .  We worked hard but had fun while doing it and everyone maintained a good attitude throughout the season despite hard circumstances.”


The team has pushed through the obstacles of a very warm winter, even on picture day when there was no snow at Blue Hills.

Maybe the less practice time on the snow is just what the boys needed to finally break through and knock off the perennial champs.

“It feels great,” senior captain Anders Holmquest says with a smile.  “We worked hard.  Ended their reign of terror.  Knocked their name off like two trophies. I think it’s a long time coming.  We worked through a lot of obstacles together this year – no gate practices, late start to the season, and really warm weather.”

He also credits this team’s make-up as a difference this year.

“Everyone’s been one big family this year,” Holmquest explains. “In past years there seems like there has been more division.  This year specifically, I’ve noticed everyone gets along really well.  Everybody is working hard, on JV and Varsity, which is appreciated.”

The ski team is part of a unique community that finds itself, literally, alone on a mountain.  But it is something they embrace and cherish.

“I think the one of the hardest part about ski team is the time committed,” Kardoos adds. “It’s a challenge getting on the course,  the 4am wake-ups every Saturday, the long bus rides which deters a lot of people from joining the ski team but I think what makes people stay is that it is such a special and supportive team.  The environment that we create every single race.  We have a bunch of kids helping people through the line-up, talking to them before their run to make sure they are ready and ok, running to get coats after the race, and cheering for them during their races.  It makes for a better environment and more supportive team, which makes all the hard parts of skiing worth it.”

Captains and team members who qualified for the state tournament tomorrow in the Berkshires.

Head coach Elizabeth Vialle believes the difference this year starts with the captains.

“We are really lucky with the group of captains we have,” explains Vialle. “They really bonded the team together.  They worked hard.  They set high standards.  The kids, in general just worked really hard on and off the snow.  Overall we had an awesome season and I am incredible impressed with what they’ve done, both on and off the snow, with sportsmanship and dedication to the sport.”

She goes onto to say that the boys have been right on the heels of BC High for years and this wasn’t a one time fluke.

“This has been a boys team that has been right on the edge of BC High for five or six years,” Vialle adds. “They definitely have been edging forward, but this year with the leadership of their captains, both the boys and the girls captains, it set them apart.  They really were able to push through some challenges and that’s totally the captains.  They really pushed this team forward.”

Mother Nature finally cooperated and dumped a half a foot in the Berkshires where nine of the team members will be skiing in the State Championships tomorrow.  For the boys it will be Olof Laurell, Cooper Murray, Trevor Buckeridge, Anders Holmquest, Ned Coyne, and Luc Kylander.  For the girls Aisling Doyle, Lily Murray, and Libby Rogers.



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