Selectman Power not seeking re-election; Town Moderator Puzo running for another term

Mary Power
December 18, 2020 by Carol Britton Meyer

After serving for two terms as a member of the Board of Selectmen, Chair Mary Power does not plan to seek re-election when her term expires in 2021.

"It has been an honor to serve on the Board and to work with so many committed volunteers and dedicated town employees," Power told the Hingham Anchor.  "I'm proud of what we've accomplished together over the past six years, including the acquisition and successful transition of the water system to public ownership and achieving 'Safe Harbor' status with respect to affordable housing [meaning that because the Town of Hingham has achieved the state's 10 percent affordable housing standard, the zoning board of appeals is allowed to deny a 40B comprehensive permit if it feels doing so is in the best interests of the town]."

Town Moderator Michael Puzo (courtesy photo)

Town Moderator Michael Puzo, on the other hand, is running for another term in the May 1 town election and shared his thoughts with the Hingham Anchor.

"We are fortunate in Hingham to enjoy self-governance through a combination of open town meeting, the efforts of a relatively small group of citizens who serve in non-partisan elected positions, and the dedicated work of scores of citizens on a host of appointed boards and committees," Puzo said.

Presiding "fairly and knowledgeably at town meeting, working diligently to attract and appoint a broad cross section of citizens to positions for which the moderator is responsible, and taking part in various ceremonies -- including Memorial Day and Veterans' Day -- are essential elements of the position.  I have endeavored to fulfill these responsibilities to the best of my ability and look forward to standing for re-election in the Spring."

Carlton M. ("Al") Chambers is running for another term on the Board of Assessors.

Photo of Eileen McCracken by Joshua Ross

Town Clerk Eileen McCracken announced earlier that she plans to retire when her term expires next Spring. Laura Marwill has plans to run for that seat.

Photo courtesy of Laura Marwill

For those wishing to run for a town office in the upcoming town election, nomination papers will be available in the Town Clerk's office starting Jan. 2.

If Town Hall is open to the public, citizens may stop by the Town Clerk’s office to pick up or return nomination papers. The office is open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Tuesday, 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

If Town Hall is closed, citizens may call the office to make an appointment -- (781) 741-1410. "We will prepare their papers for them to sign and pick up," McCracken said.

Fifty certified signatures of voters registered in the Town of Hingham are required for a nomination to be valid. Candidates are advised to obtain additional signatures. The Secretary of State’s office recommends 70 signatures. Nomination papers will be available through March 2 and are due back to the Town Clerk’s Office on Thursday, March 4, by 5 p.m.

Besides Power, McCracken, Puzo, and Chambers, town officials with terms expiring in 2021 are Peter Bickford, Board of Health; John A. Stoddard, Jr., Municipal Light Board; Elizabeth Emerson ("Libby") Lewiecki, School Committee; Kerry Ni, School Committee; Gary Tondorf-Dick, Planning Board; Robert Higgins, Sewer Commission; and Bruce Thompson, Recreation Commission. The state will appoint a Housing Authority member when the present state appointee's term expires next year.

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