Select Board Statement: “We are a resilient community”

November 21, 2022 Submitted by Hingham Select Board

At 10:45 a.m. this morning, a motor vehicle crashed through the window of the Apple Store at the Derby Street Shops. Numerous injuries have been reported, including one death.

The Town expresses its deepest condolences and support to those affected by this tragedy. We recognize that in the aftermath of today’s events there are persons in need of healing, both physically and emotionally. As with others who have suffered loss or injury in recent times, the Town will help guide those who reach out for assistance. None of us is alone. We are a united Town.

Hingham acknowledges the tremendous support provided by its emergency responders and from neighboring communities and the State. This unified response helped to limit and manage injuries and to facilitate the ongoing criminal investigation of this event.

Hingham’s Select Board reaffirms its commitment to assuring the safety of our residents, businesses, and visitors. We are a resilient community. No one deserves what happened today.

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