Photos from Bye Bye Birdie at the Hingham Middle School


Bravo to the cast and crew of the Hingham Middle School’s production of Bye Bye Birdie!  Check out these photos thanks to Joshua Ross Photography.

Hugo Peabody, played by Jake Robbins, is surrounded by the Boyfriends of Sweet Apple.
Charlie Rogan as Albert Peterson, along with Katie Harrington and the rest of the “Put on a Happy Face” Ensemble.
The Conrad Birdie Fangirls welcoming him to Sweet Apple.
Lily Andrey as Rosie Alvarez was outstanding in the lead role.
Bridget Foley, playing #1 Fangirl Ursula Merkle, is a little excited to see Conrad Birdie, played by Remy Urbano.
The Macafee Family (Katie Sweeney, Matt O’Connor, Summer Foraste, and Tim Bevens) finds out they are going to be on the Ed Sullivan Show.
Cam Fuller plays the iconic Ed Sullivan.
Avery Busby (right), is straight out of Jersey playing Mrs. Mae Peterson. Here she is introducing her son Albert (Charlie Rogan) to his new secretary played by Sophie Morrissey.
Kim Macafee (Katie Sweeney) was the lucky girl selected to get Conrad Birdie’s (Remi Urbano) one last kiss before heading off to war.
Will Albert Peterson (Charlie Rogan) and Rosie Alvarez ( Lily Andrey) live happily ever after?
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