OPINION: Say Yes to Nes!

Jen Estes & Ray Estes

May 10, 2022 Submitted by Jen & Ray Estes 

Jen and I are proud to support our friend Nes Correnti for re-election to the School Committee. In just three years, Nes has distinguished herself both as fierce advocate for Hingham’s students and as a dedicated and responsible steward of the trust her constituents have bestowed. In ordinary times, Nes would be viewed as an able School Committee member who is an effective communicator with an obvious talent and interest in municipal finance. But these have not been ordinary times. The past two years have tested us all, none more profoundly than our students, educators, and School Committee members. Throughout these trying days, Nes has shown tremendous poise, compassion, and creativity as she helped the School Committee navigate an unprecedented event that will continue to have a lasting impact on how we live our lives and educate our children.

Nes has earned universal respect from parents, our most senior residents, and those who serve in our government for her thoughtful and balanced approach to budgeting and the skills and experience she brings to that work. And make no mistake, the role of an engaged and active School Committee member is a full-time job masquerading as a volunteer position. There is so much work ahead and the stakes have never been higher. But the payoff for that effort is priceless; it lives in the bright, smiling, and inquisitive faces of our students. With significant turnover and transition among administrators and teachers alike, the need for stable and consistent leadership is more important than ever before. Nes has gained a wealth of institutional knowledge, forged valuable and lasting relationships, and earned credibility with her peers, the school community, and her constituents. Those attributes well position her to succeed. Her continued service, in our view, is vital to the ongoing recovery of our children from the academic and emotional deficiencies that the past two years have caused and the necessary balanced approach to future school budgeting that has finally taken its rightful place at the forefront of our civil discourse.

As a former teacher and a former School Committee member, Jen and I firmly believe that Nes is the ideal candidate for the tremendous responsibility that lies ahead. She will continue to serve our Town with grace and distinction and make us all proud of the votes we cast.

Please join us on May 14th and Say Yes to Nes!

Jen Estes, Former Teacher
Ray Estes, Hingham Sports Partnership Vice President, School Building Committee Vice Chair and Former School Committee Chair

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Instagram: @nescorrentihsc

Email: nes4hsc@gmail.com

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