Opinion: John Stoddard for Hingham Light Board

Photo courtesy of Liz Stoddard

May 15, 2021, Submitted by John Stoddard, Candidate for Hingham Light Board

Proven, Reliable, Trusted.

I am running for Hingham Light Board with a continued intent to maintain stable and low rates with the most reliable service, working towards  Hingham Light’s goal for carbon free energy.

I am proud to say that I have been an active member of this board; with only 3 rate changes over the past 14 years and 1 rate reduction Hingham is progressing towards matching the states energy goal of net zero by 2050.

By continuously re-investing your money back into the system we will maintain the highest level of service.

Let’s keep the electricity on while lowering our carbon footprint to keep Hingham beautiful day and night!

Photo courtesy of Liz Stoddard

Life long town resident.

Hingham Board member for 20 years.

Licensed electrician and electrical business owner in Hingham for 19 years.

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