Opinion: Carol Falvey, Best Candidate for Town Clerk!

May 6, 2021 opinion submitted byJonathan Asher, James Conroy, Phil Edmundson, Karen Johnson, Josh Krumholz, Mathew MacIver, Mary Power, Katharine Reardon, Edward Siegfried and Lissa Tully (courtesy photos)

Town elections are on the horizon and we want to urge you to cast your ballot by mail or in person on May 22nd.

We have all witnessed first-hand how important competent local government is, including as it pertains to the election process itself.  With that in mind, we are also taking this opportunity to endorse Carol Falvey for Town Clerk

We have all known and worked with Carol or respected her reputation for many years, both in her capacity on the School Committee and in other Town related roles.  She is thoughtful, prepared and able to build consensus in difficult circumstances. 

We are confident that Carol is an excellent candidate to continue to:

  • Assure an inclusive, transparent and well-organized Town election process;
  • Modernize and ensure the safekeeping of our vital Town records; and
  • Professionally and affably perform the central role of the Town Clerk’s office in welcoming and guiding citizens seeking access to town government.

Please vote on May 22nd and please vote Carol Falvey for Town Clerk!


Former Members of the Hingham Select Board, Former Chairs of the Hingham Advisory Committee and Current Chair of the Hingham Select Board

Jonathan Asher

James Conroy

Phil Edmundson

Karen Johnson

Josh Krumholz

Mathew MacIver

Mary Power

Katharine Reardon

Edward Siegfried

Lissa Tully

1 thought on “Opinion: Carol Falvey, Best Candidate for Town Clerk!”

  1. A collective endorsement from an assortment of amazing, dedicated, town leaders- we thank them for their service to the citizens of Hingham and for recognizing Carol Falvey as The Best Candidate for Town Clerk!


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