New Hingham-Based Clothing Company Attends Shamrock Splash

Weston High School students on the left, woman in the middle in Disney costume is Kennedy from Mix 104.1 and the star of the show Carson and Kennedy, Courtney Sherwood, Jess Johnson, Lindy Stadtlander of Hingham High School are on the right.

The new, Hingham based clothing brand, Call to Action, turned out to support the organization Save The Harbor as they hosted their annual “Shamrock Splash” on Sunday, March 10.   Call To Action Clothing, C2A, showed up with 20 women to support the cause.

Dan Rakauskas on left of C2A, Vicky Graf of Boston 25 News Meteorologist and Jill Palese of C2A

Four Hingham High School women, Courtney Sherwood, Jessica Johnson, Lindy Stadtlander and Siena Palese were among the 20 C2A bikini wearing women.  These brave women were fearless as they ran to the water through the snow last Sunday in order to raise money for Save The Harbor.  “A splash in the snow means a surf in the sun on clean beaches and harbors” says C2A co-founders Dan Rakauskas and Jill Palese.  Boston 25 news anchor and Meteorologist Vicki Graf was spot on with her forecast of snow, and rain, and loads of fun for the The Shamrock Splash. Who says you can’t have fun on the Boston beaches in March?  C2A is already looking forward to next years event.

IMG_0460 2
The race to the water

Call to Action, C2A, will be launching their swimwear and clothing this spring 2019 and has partnered with Save the Harbor to support their mission to restore and protect Boston’s Harbor, Massachusetts beaches and the marine environment. Their work spans from Nahant to Nantasket.  You can follow C2A for updates on the launch @C2Aclothing and @Savetheharbor.

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