New Head for Hingham Schools Responds to Reported Threats Over Masks

February 15, 2022 By Ally Donnelly

Emotions still run raw when it comes to how this pandemic is playing out in our schools. Just look to last week's School Committee hearing. When debating whether or not the authority to reinstate a mask mandate (if needed in the future) should rest on the shoulders of Dr. Gary Maestas, the interim Superintendent said he would agree to take the role, but would request, "bodyguards and a bunker to be installed at my home, because just watching what has happened with the school committee and even the aggressive nature of some of our community members around this issue–I think it would be extremely difficult for one person to take on this responsibility," Maestas said.

We sat down with incoming superintendent Dr. Margaret Adams. Adams, who takes the helm full time this summer, shares her reaction to the tenor of the comments and what she thinks needs to happen to bring the community together in the best interest of students. "There's a lot of healing that needs to be done around the pandemic. We think the pandemic is over. It likely is not." She went on, "As we drop this mandate, we likely will be wearing masks again at some point. However, we've grown so much. Let's build upon the resiliency, the perseverance of our young people, our educators, and build a stronger school and a stronger community."

We also talk with Dr. Adams about social-emotional health of students; diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools; the potential of a new arts director for Hingham and what causes her the most stress as she thinks about the challenges ahead. Have a listen!

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