New exhibit at Hingham Public Library: “The Art of Marshall Brem”

September 1, 2022 Submitted by Hingham Public Library

The Hingham Public Library Dolphin Gallery will feature "The Art of Marshall Brem" through Sept. 29.

After working in the plastics industry, Brem did a stint in the United States Army and found his niche in the working world by getting involved with workouts and turnarounds of troubled companies. Wanting to do something with his hands, Brem found that stained glass fascinated him. After taking one lesson in Manchester, NH, in the early 1980s, he created a stained-glass window. The rest is history.

He worked in stained glass off and on until he retired in 1997, at which time he started spending more time refining his art, focusing on windows, mirrors, jewelry boxes, and other items. Brem learned about stained-glass panels while visiting a store in Maryland in 2017 and began creating them himself using the copper foil method -- the same technique used in making Tiffany lampshades.

All the panels on display at the Dolphin Gallery were created at his new home at Linden Ponds.

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