My 2022 Opinions in Review and a Look to 2023

Glenn Mangurian

January 4, 2023 By Glenn Mangurian

If you are a regular reader of my opinions, you know that I strive to focus on the positive and provoke the readers’ thinking. During 2022 I wrote 12 essays – about one per month. Here is a look back at the themes about which I wrote.

“Do Good, Feel Good”
Psychologist tell us that if a person makes someone else feel good, they will felt useful and needed themselves. Did that resonate with you?

“Are You a Social Capitalist?”
Social capital is the breadth, depth and value of you relationships. Are you a Connector (prone to make introductions) or Maven (connecting others with new information)? Both types are “hardwired” to be helpful.

“Button, Button – Don’t Push My Buttons”
Are you sensitive to comments made by friends, family or colleagues? How do you respond when your buttons are pushed?

“Hear a Critic, There a Critic, Everywhere a Critic”
Criticism is easy and permeates our discourse. Critics live in a binary world of judgment – agree vs. disagree; good vs. bad; right vs. wrong; us vs. them.

“From One Senior Citizen to Many Senior Graduates”
I continued my May tradition of an open letter to high school and college graduates. The theme for 2022 was “Learn to Authentically Say ‘I’m Sorry’.”

“To Dad, With Love”
Several years ago I asked my children for a unique Father’s Day gift. I want them to share a memory of us from their childhood. I added another story to my diary of memories from my daughter and son.

“Democracy Is Messy”
Self-governance sounds simple – people are capable and deserving of the right to govern themselves. The complicated part is living with the consequences of the freedoms and inherent tensions that come with self-governance.

“Are We the ‘Frog in Boiling Water’?”
We are much more inclined to react to sudden threats and changes in our environment and not to notice slow, gradual changes. The frog was not killed because the water in the pot slowly came to a boil. It was killed because it didn’t react in time.

“Be a Steward”
Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. We have inherited the rights and benefits created by many previous generations. It takes a village to leave the village better than we found it.

“Being in Our Twenties in the 70’s Was Very Different than Being in Our Seventies in the 20’s”
The good old days were actually good. It was a different world back then – but isn’t that what our parents told us about their youth. If we clear away all life’s clutter, it has been and still is a “wonderful life”.

“It Takes a Village to Care for Its Villagers in Need”
Some of our neighbors are financially, socially and relationship challenged. Listen and reach out with compassion. If not us, then who?

“Dear Santa”
I continued my December tradition of writing a letter to Santa. This year I asked for empathy, kindness and hope to be delivered to the adults.

I often get asked where I find my topics. The answer is simple: I watch what goes on around me. I start with a theme, create the title and write the essay to support the title. It may seem backwards, but it works for me. I will continue to strive for positivity and stretch your thinking in 2023. You will be the judge of my success.

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