Hatched in Hingham: Hingham Native Launches “Mom Things”



For those who don't know, what is Mom Things?

Mom Things is an affordable monthly subscription box that is filled with beautiful and practical items that are designed to make a women feel pampered, pretty and make their lives a bit easier.

The mission of Mom Things  is simple… in the midst of busy life, make a mother smile and feel special.

Mom Things has created an experience that starts with a delivery of a beautifully designed box, and as soon as its opened, one will find an empowering quote to set the tone for the box unveiling. Mom things also recognizes how hard it is to find a unique and special gift to give.  This box of fabulous allows the gift giver a special and unique option for mother’s day, birthdays, holidays and any occasion.

February "Mom Things" box

What inspired you to start the business?

Honestly, I was in a rut.  I was about to turn 40 and I felt like I wanted to try something new, but had no idea what or how. Brooke and I live down the street from each other and started bouncing ideas off of one another for about two weeks and then BOOM we came up with the concept on August 28th, had our business plan by September 13th and a website launched and were officially taking orders by December 1st. Its truly amazing what two motivated women can achieve in between full time jobs, nap time, basketball practice and crazy mom life.

What is your favorite "Mom Things" item so far?

This one is so hard to answer and it’s the most common question we get - because I truly love it all. We hand select the items that we love and we use because we know that others will love it too. But if I must answer, I would say my faves are the rose gold ear buds from our January box, the CC Beanie hat from February and the carbonated bubbly clay mask & sunglasses from March.

January "Mom Things" Box

On what items have you received the most customer feedback (positive or negative)?

Its hard to say because our mamas all have such different tastes, but our customers seemed to have loved the fleece leggings from our January box, the angular hoop earrings most from our February box, and the BLENDERS sunglasses and the coffee frothers from our March box. I also love the practical items we put in. I will never have to chop an onion again because of the speedy chopper and Ill never have to search for a pen in a junk drawer because of the magnetic pen that sticks to the side of my fridge.

We knew going into this business that we wouldn’t be able to make everyone love everything all the time, but part of our mission to help make moms feel prepared. We encourage everyone to keep a few of the items and save for hostess & birthday gifts.   We were both sick of going grocery store to grab a crappy bottle of wine to bring to a friend’s house for dinner and find this the perfect solution for someone who needs look like a rockstar by always having fun items on hand.

Where do you hope to see the business in 5 years?

We hope to be a household name, we hope people think of us when they want to spoil themselves or someone else and we hope to make as many women feel special as we can. We have lots of plans and ideas…not everyone knows us….YET!

How widespread is your current distribution?

Our first boxes shipped January 4th, 2019 and to date we have hundreds of subscribers across 26 states.

Was there a delivery location or country where you were surprised to learn you had customers?

Currently, we are only shipping within in the United States, its been so much fun to see orders come in from all over the country. Our community is so AWESOME and we get pictures from all over the country with women using our products.  Its fun to see our boxes on the doorsteps in Seal Beach California, to New Mexico to Nebraska to several door steps to all over the East Coast from Fl to VA to Hingham, Mass. We never dreamed we would be in 26 states in 3 months.

What types of items would you like to see in the box in the future?

The fun part about Mom Things is the variety the box offers, we are not pigeon holed into one category.  Its exciting to be open to so many things. People always ask if we will run out of ideas, and honestly NO there are so many amazing things out there for us to introduce to our customers.

What do you miss most about living in Hingham?

I miss the ocean. It’s one of the first things I do when I come to town.  I drive to the ocean. It always makes me happy!  My husband thinks it’s the coolest thing in the world that you can take the Hingham boat into Boston…AND they serve beer.

What is your favorite annual Hingham event?

The 4th of July parade is so special. It has all the “small town summer feels.” We usually come up in August for vacation and one of my favorite things is driving thru downtown and seeing the red white and blue Median still spray painted from the parade. I just love it!

What is your favorite childhood memory in Hingham?

So many! I loved high school and still keep in touch with so many friends through social media. One important memory that I think helped mold me was in senior year.   I was cut from the varsity field hockey team. I was DEVASTAED…like….life was OVER for me. (so I thought)  I was also extremely embarrassed because all of my friends were on the team.  I heard the soccer team needed players, I hated soccer but I loved being on a team. So I joined them for the season. I was AWFUL at soccer,  but had a blast. This picture below was us at the homecoming parade, driving my little white cabrio convertible we called “marshie” with my soccer girls. I learned that year, how to get back up, dust yourself off and keep going no matter what life throws at you.

What is your favorite restaurant  when you come home to visit?

The scrod at Stars, an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese from Atlantic Bagel, and a Caesar salad with lobster meat & clam chowder from Schooners (I know that’s in Hull but it’s a must when we are home).

**Mother's Day is right around the corner, pamper yourself or a mom you know!  Mom Things has generously offered an exclusive discount for Anchor fans. Use the promo code "HINGHAM10”to receive 10% off your first order. www.themomthings.com

Julie Dobson Powers moved to Hingham from Denver, Colorado when she was in the 8th grade.  After graduating from college and moving around a bit, Julie met and married Ryan Powers and settled in Ashburn, VA to raise their sons Graydon (5) and Rowan (3) and our 90 pound golden retriever Rufus.

Even after moving to Virginia, Julie held onto her Hingham roots by working remotely for The CM group as VP of Events. Julie now own's her own small event consulting firm.

Julie's newest venture, "Mom Things," a monthly subscription box for moms, launched this year.

Hingham, meet Julie.


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  1. I LOVE Mom Things! A friend introduced me, I ordered right away & love my first March box. I can’t wait for an excuse to gift one to someone else!


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