Midshipmen From Hingham Attend Army Navy Game

The five Hingham Midshipmen voted unanimously to have their photo taken in front of the Bud light banner!

December 14, 2022 By Tom Hoffman

For the second year in a row, five Midshipmen from Hingham were among the 4500 member Brigade of Midshipmen to witness Army West Point’s thrilling 2 OT win 20-17 in the annual Army Navy game. Last Saturday’s game was the 123rd in the series known as “America’s Game” and was the first one in the series to go into overtime. The game was played before a sellout crowd at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

Pictured left to right are Ella Niehoff (2026) Claire Schnorr (2024), Reed Schlib (2023), Conrad Davis (2025) and Joe Chase (2025). Niehoff, Schnorr, Schlib and Davis are Hingham High School grads and Chase graduated from Boston College HS. JT Jermyn was one of five Midshipmen from Hingham to attend last year’s game and after graduating last June is now a submarine officer.

According to data provided by the Institutional Research Department at the United States Naval Academy, Davidsonville, MD with 7 Midshipmen and Winchester, MA with 6 Midshipmen are the only two towns smaller than Hingham  with more than five Midshipmen.

While there are not any Hingham residents currently enrolled at West Point, Liam McCarthy (2020) and Harry Hernberg (2021) are recent graduates presently serving our country.

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