At Home with Michael Page

What do you love most about Hingham?

Hingham is home. It just feels comfortable with so many familiar people and places everywhere. And it’s quintessential New England—rich in history, and full of people constantly fighting to preserve it.

Favorite local spot?

My parents live in Crow Point, so whenever I get the chance I come home to enjoy the ocean. I particularly enjoy kayaking between the Shipyard and the Harbor.

Did you always know you wanted to be a meteorologist?

It was really in middle school that I realized what I wanted to do. It’s about then that I first started observing the weather in my backyard on Wanders Drive. I reported the conditions to various TV stations, which readily used and shared the data on air. I loved that. Then in high school, with the help of some of those TV meteorologists, I started forecasting the weather on my own website. It was really no surprise to anyone that I wanted to be a meteorologist, especially my classmates who had to listen to me give the forecast over the morning announcements each day!

You are a recognized news personality in a major American market. What does this fame feel like? What are the pros and cons to being known and recognized?

It’s actually hilarious. To me, I’m just the same nerd who loves talking about weather. I’m incredibly lucky to be paid for pursuing a passion I’ve had so long. When I’m out people will occasional stop me to chat, or grab a picture, and I am happy to do so. Usually when that happens mid-meal I am frantically trying to make sure I have nothing in my teeth before the selfie! Always have to be ready!

If there are Hingham students who are interested in pursuing a career in meteorology or media, what advice would you have for them?

I speak to a lot of students each year, including in Hingham, and I love it. It sounds super cliché, but I like to think that I’m living proof that you can set a goal and achieve it. You have to have a good attitude, a clear plan, and get some help from people along the way, but it can absolutely be done. I’m always happy to help the next generation of meteorologists however possible since I had so many great mentors growing up.

What is the biggest perk of being on TV?

My job is just fun. I basically get paid to hang out with a bunch of awesome people—my colleagues—and talk about weather. I actually like coming to work each day. And that says a lot, since some days start at 2 AM! Yes—we have to be in early for the morning show!

If you had a different career, what would it be?

I’d probably be taking over the family business, Hingham Jewelers. I grew up working there, and loved every minute of it. And frankly I still love it. Every now and then I’ll still go on a buying trip with my Mom. I actually think working in retail as a kid makes me a better broadcaster. Knowing how to effectively communicate with people is the key to what I do. I can have a great forecast, but if people at home aren’t understanding it in a useful way, I’m of no help to them.

What is your best memory from living in Hingham?

There are so many. We grew up in a great neighborhood, which was awesome as a kid. We could ride bikes all day, play ‘Capture the Flag’ or kickball with the other kids, or swim in the neighbors’ pool. There were a bunch of us all around the same age, which made it super fun.

These days I still love Hingham traditions like the fireworks and the July 4th parade. It’s actually one of my favorite holidays because of those things.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

I have a long bucket list, and it almost all involves travel. I will go almost anywhere, at any time if someone asks me. I’m planning a trip to Egypt this fall.

What is a favorite place you have traveled to?

I’ve been very fortunate to visit some awesome places. It’s almost hard to pick my favorite. Last year I went to Cuba, which was beautiful and fascinating. As a place that is generally vilified in this country, from a government standpoint, it was really interesting to see it all in person. I learned a lot. Beyond that I loved seeing Italy, Greece, and the Azores in recent years. In this country exploring Wyoming was really breathtaking.

When you are not working, what do you love to do?

I love being by the water—kayaking is a favorite. And I love trying new restaurants or day-trip type things both around Boston and around New England.

Growing up in Hingham, Massachusetts, Michael Page knew he wanted to be a meteorologist at a young age.

He started observing and forecasting the weather in his hometown of Hingham while attending middle school, and operated his own weather website right through high school. He went on to study meteorology at The Pennsylvania State University, presenting forecasts on WPSU-TV throughout his time in college.

Michael is currently a meteorologist for NBC 10 Boston.

Hingham, meet Michael.

6 thoughts on “At Home with Michael Page”

  1. I have followed Michael’s interest in the weather since it began. I live in Richmond, VA, but my husband had family in New England. Michael was even thoughtful enough to communicate with me while he was attending PEN STATE. He endured much teasing from me about “Southern” weather. Whenever I was anywhere in New England I found his forecast. So very proud of him.

  2. I love Michael. I have written him personally with weather questions and he has written back immediately. My daughter was shocked and wondered if he might think I was a stalker. I wrote this to him and told him I was a grandmother and my daughter’s thoughts. We had a good laugh.
    Always so approachable. Best weather person !!!!

  3. I love Michael’s approach to giving the weather and the forecast. He’s extremely personable and he doesn’t need to interject any funny/dry slogans or words or silly movements to get his point across. He’s a mature meteorologist and his forecasts are always spot on. He’s the best in the business and you can tell he really enjoys his job. We need more meteorologists to mirror Michaels expertise.

  4. We miss the very informative weather reporting that Michael Page provides. Always happy to see him doing the reporting. As a New Englander and a weather buff from early on he knows what our weather can dish out. Hope to see him back on NECN very soon. Don’t know why we haven’t seen and hope to see him soon.


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