MIAA Honors Girls and Women in Sports

Coco Hernberg (left) and Audrey Cole (right) were the two Hingham representatives for the MIAA's Girls and Women in Sports Day.
Coco Hernberg (left) and Audrey Cole (right) were the two Hingham representatives for the MIAA's Girls and Women in Sports Day.

June 1, 2021 - Story and photo by Joshua Ross

This past Thursday, MIAA celebrated Girls and Women in Sports Day.  Each school in the state nominates two students athletes to represent their town, school, and fellow classmates.  This year, Audrey Cole and Coco Hernberg were Hingham High School’s representatives.

Both seniors, Cole and Hernberg have shown leadership on and off the field throughout their high school career and participate in multiple sports throughout the year.  Cole is a three sport captain in field hockey, skiing, and lacrosse.  Hernberg was a captain in hockey and played field hockey this year and played lacrosse freshman and sophomore year. 

Below is a statement from each young woman describing what being selected and representing HHS means to them.

“The MIAA Girls and Women in Sports Day was such a great opportunity and I am so honored to have been selected. Although I wish we could have attended the event in person, i’m glad they were still able to give us the experience on zoom. It was very cool to hear from all of the strong women who serve as role models for student athletes like myself. Hearing them speak on how they fight for females to gain equal experiences and opportunities in sports was amazing. I’m so lucky to be given the ability to participate in sports among other competitive and successful women. There is still much more to come for female athletes in the future and I hope to be able to observe and be a part of the fight for these changes. Being involved in multiple sports from a young age has taught me so many great lessons and skills I will carry with me for life. Hingham has done a great job to create a welcoming environment for young girls to get into sports. I hope that as time continues, these opportunities will be available to every female who is interested. I really enjoyed my time on the MIAA zoom and I hope to continue spreading their message and thoughts to my teammates, friends, coaches and young girls.” - Audrey Cole, HHS Class of 2021

“I am so grateful to be amongst the amazing female athletes at Hingham High School. I appreciated being selected and was eager for the opportunity to learn more about the journey of other female athletes. Hearing from the female athletes and female athletic directors that spoke during the presentation made me realize how impactful these trailblazers are to women in sports today. Being a female athlete at Hingham High School has taught me the importance of being a good teammate and representing your team with pride. Being a good teammate and leader on a girls sports team means more than working hard during games and practices. As many of the women mentioned, so much has been done for equality in sports, but more can always be done. To facilitate this at Hingham High School, leaders should lift up their fellow female athletes on every team. I am proud of every past and present female athlete at HHS and I look forward to watching future athletes grow the present sense of community amongst our female athletes.” - Coco Hernberg, HHS Class of 2021

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