Lost HHS class ring found in Nova Scotia decades ago resurfaces, with hopes of finding rightful owner

HHS Class of 1977 Ring

December 7, 2022 By Carol Britton Meyer

More than 40 years ago, Benjamin Amero -- the groundskeeper at Savary Park in  Nova Scotia -- found a 1977 man's-sized class ring on a picnic table.

Not knowing to whom it belonged, it was placed in his wife's jewelry box, where it remained for many years.

Amero’s daughter, Teresa Sabean -- who has been Nova Scotia resident Lorraine Lovett's helper and friend for 15 years -- recently showed her the ring, noting that her mother came across it after her husband passed on about 10 years ago.

“Teresa knows I have an interest in local history so knew the ring would be of interest to me," Lovett said.

After seeing the words "Hingham High" and two anchors engraved on the ring -- which has an inset purple stone -- Lovett, who had lived in the Boston area at one time and recognized the name "Hingham" -- emailed Hingham High School Principal Rick Swanson the same day to let him know about the ring, including a photo.

She explained the history behind how it was found, and how she had found out about the ring from Sabean.

"What if you knew who owned that ring and he wanted it back?" Lovett speculated in the email.

Swanson contacted the Hingham Anchor after hearing from Lovett, thinking it would make a good story and that it might somehow come to the attention of the person who lost the ring so many years ago.

"I didn't know anything about it before receiving the email from Lorraine this morning," he said. "While class rings seem to have declined in popularity over the years,  my guess is that it would be very meaningful to whoever lost it way back when."

In a telephone interview, Lovett explained that Savary is a small provincial park on the water at St. Mary's Bay. "It's a lovely spot where people picnic, swim, or dip their foot into the water."

Both women are hoping the rightful owner will read the story or hear about it and claim the ring.

Interestingly, Amero also found a camera when he was the groundskeeper and was able to locate the owner and return it to visitor, who lived in the United States.

"A lot of people from the United States come here," Lovett said. "Nova Scotia is unique -- surrounded by water, very quiet with friendly people, and a lot of coves."

The ring remains in Sabean's possession.

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