Local Meteorologist Weighs in on Winter ’22

Photos courtesy of Kerstin Dorbert

January 31, 2022 by Ally Donnelly

On today's episode of The Hingham 'Cast, we talk with Meteorologist Michael Page about the Blizzard of 2022. Page shares why this storm was declared a blizzard, our snow totals and how they're measured around town, how the blizzard ranks in terms of other historic South Shore storms, and the effects of climate change on this and other storms. And don't miss his predictions! Hingham's own meteorologist also tells us what he thinks the rest of the winter will look like. FYI: The blizzard dumped half of the amount of snow we typically get all winter!

Meteorologist Michael Page

Make sure to stick around for the second segment in the pod. We talk with Hingham High School students Ian Belkner and Charlie Donahue. The pair have been digging out their elderly neighbors and other families in need for free. Janet Powell says she is so grateful for the help as her husband recovers from back surgery. "I think is the spirit of what makes our country great. And what makes Hingham great and what makes these boys great," she said.

Join us for a great conversation!

Ian Belkner & Charlie Donahue


Photo Courtesy of Michelle Southworth


Photo courtesy of Katie McBrine


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