Laughing with Liam Holleran

Photography by: Amanda Robertson Photography
Liam's mom, Mary, helped answer Liam's interview questions.

What is Liam's favorite color?


Does Liam have any favorite songs?

Itsy Bitsy spider, ABC's, Wheels on the Bus, and "Bad Ones" by Matthew Dear (feat Tegan and Sara)

What are Liam's favorite foods?

Mac and cheese, pizza, and Ritz cheese crackers

What are Liam's favorite activities?

Horse back riding, chilling on the beach, throwing things, watching Sesame Street

What are Liam's favorite animals?

Dogs and elephants

What is Liam's favorite book?

You Are My I Love You

Is there anything Liam does not like?

The Happy Birthday song and having his picture taken!

How would people describe Liam?

He is spunky, playful, and determined. His therapists are always really impressed with how hard he works, and he can make most "work" seem like a game.

Liam has a big sense of humor. He loves making others laugh and cracks up watching others act silly. Liam is affectionate, caring, and gentle with the people he loves (and dogs), especially with his little brother. When he wants to, he can charm the socks off most people with is big radiant smile.

He doesn't let his decreased mobility interfere with his inquisition. He wants to explore and destroy everything he can, like most of his toddler friends!

Learn more about Liam's parents' journey.

Born on March 15, 2016, Liam Holleran is your typical two--almost three-- year old. He loves his parents and his baby brother, Timmy. He loves dogs, and Elmo, and loves exploring his newfound independence.  True to two-year-old form, he doesn't love to have his picture taken and already can't get enough of his mom's iPhone.  Liam's radiant smile, infectious laugh and kind eyes can melt any heart.

Liam is your typical toddler-- but Liam has spina bifida. Due to his decreased mobility, Liam's journey will always be a little harder, may take a little longer and involve more assistance from his army of supporters. But, Liam Holleran has the stubborn tenacity to surmount any challenge, and he will do it on his terms....with a great big smile on his face.

Hingham, meet Liam.

Photography by: Amanda Robertson Photography

4 thoughts on “Laughing with Liam Holleran”

  1. I am Liam’s aunt and love in Maryland— I absolutely adored reading this and seeing these gorgeous pictures of our sweet Liam!
    He and his parents and their community in Hingham are the great stuff of life and I love when I have the chance to come up there and visit with all those wonderful people!
    Love from Auntie Shanz, Liam! Xoxoxo


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