Joint Statement from Your School Committee Candidates

April 1, 2022 Submitted by Alyson Anderson, Matthew Cosman, Matthew LeBretton & Nes Correnti

Together, we, your four Hingham School Committee candidates, would like to deliver a united message to all Hingham residents. We stand together in our belief in unequivocal respect for one another and will not tolerate misguided, untruthful, and unfounded political dynamics. The last two years have put a concerning level of divisiveness among our residents on full display. Rather than allow that negative energy, we each, individually, want to focus on our respective campaign messages while simultaneously working together to ensure this campaign process is positive. We will not tolerate or allow any behavior that does not uphold the high standards of integrity that our town deserves. Once May 14th comes and goes, we will all still be united in our efforts to put the town’s best collective foot forward in the mission of educating our children.

While we are each running different campaigns, we all respect our individual ideas and thoughts. All of us decided to run for School Committee because we want to be part of improving our schools and making them a better place for our children. Nothing more, nothing less.

While these are elected positions and require a large time commitment, it is worth remembering that they are also volunteer roles. We are each grateful for the support of our friends and neighbors and as a group would respectfully ask that anyone joining the process hold themselves to the same standards without attempts at influencing others negatively. Please join us in supporting each other as we embark on this campaign trail by asking questions, joining forums, and supporting your candidate(s) in a positive manner. Thank you.

Alyson Anderson
Matthew Cosman
Matthew LeBretton
Nes Correnti

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