Johanna Burwell announces candidacy for Hingham Board of Health

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January 8, 2021, Submitted by Joanna Burwell, candidate for Hingham Board of Health

My family arrived in Hingham in the fall of 2018 and immediately felt at home. Neighbors, classmates of my two boys, and friendly local businesses welcomed us with open arms. In what I've come to understand as true Hingham tradition, I started volunteering with the Hingham Pride Project and quickly came to realize how blessed we are to live in a town with so much energy for making positive change.

Running for the Hingham Board of Health is my way of giving back to our  community while also doing what I enjoy, health promotion and prevention.

I was trained as a Nurse Anesthetist at the University of Southern California and worked in the Kaiser Permanente hospital system in Northern California. I took several years off to stay home with my boys and then returned to the work force as an elementary school nurse and then a utilization review nurse administering Medicaid in Texas. These career paths have given me clarity  and experience on how a united, resourceful community can create a harmonious, high quality living environment for all the residents.

I have had the opportunity to get to know Hingham in a beautiful light this spring while delivering flags with the Pride Project. People all over Hingham waved as I made my numerous stops, chat masked or from a distance, and gave me a brief glimpse into their daily lives as they mowed the lawn, taught their kids how to ride a bike, walked their dog or gardened. I see the pride in the home and life in Hingham, and I am happy to share it.

Joining the Hingham Board of Health would allow me to continue the Board's efforts in septic system management, inspections of restaurants, pools, and beach areas, and further public health promotion and access to information on our website and social media channels. I would love to provide additional resources for our community such as gun storage safety, concussion education and importance of bike helmets. The Board of Health is responsible for a wide spectrum of community issues, and I believe that I can bring fresh energy to the work.

I would love to be a part of the board that has so wonderfully carried Hingham through some difficult times, and I look forward to working with our community to serve it even better.

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  1. You go girl!. Lead the way! We need good leaders with a sense of public purpose for the public good. Thank you for contributing to improving the lives of our community. Z


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