“It Takes a Village to Make Hingham Hingham” by Glenn Mangurian

Glenn Mangurian

March 19, 2021 by Glenn Mangurian

Hingham would not be Hingham without hundreds of our citizens who volunteer their time as town leaders, committee members and youth coaches to name just a few. Those who have served as selfless citizens over the past 385 years have helped create the town we cherish today. Now, that responsibility falls to us, as stewards of a rich heritage. Our involvement is necessary to sustain and grow the quality for the next generation and beyond.

While “America Runs on Dunkin’,” Hingham Runs on Volunteers

Hingham, like many towns in New England, represents the purest form of democracy. Each year a small group of neighbors steps forward, as candidates, to do the hard work of governing the town. These are not career politicians. They are the men and women who live down the street and across the road who care enough to deal with the mundane as well as sort through thorny issues with competing, valid interests. While the coronavirus has forced town committee meetings online, Zoom sessions allow us to observe and participate. I continue to be heartened by how respectful, civil and constructive the dialogue is even among citizens of differing opinions.

This May, townspeople will gather to consider the town’s budget and vote on other important warrant articles. Some of the issues are pretty clear cut, but others are more complex. I encourage you to engage as an active citizen. Zoom into a Board of Selectman, School Committee or one of the many important Advisory Board meetings. Read the recently created Master Plan and become familiar with the evolving town budget. Learn about our neighbors running for town office. The stakes are too high to be ambivalent or uninformed. Better still, get involved; consider volunteering yourself.

The Board of Selectmen maintains a talent bank to match interests and needs.


Hingham needs your energy and commitment. Remember, the town’s future is in our hands. Our children and their children … are counting on us.

Glenn Mangurian has been a resident of Hingham for 35 years. He is a retired business leader with more than four decades of experience driving innovation and results with his clients. Glenn remains active with his writing, speaking, family, and community.

In May 2001, Glenn suffered an injury to his spinal cord, resulting in the paralysis of his lower body. Drawing on his personal experience, he authored an article titled “Realizing What You’re Made Of,” which was published in March 2007 in the Harvard Business Review. In May 2017 he published his first book, Pushing the Edge of Thought, Possibility and Action – Questions and Insights from Everyday Life.

Glenn Mangurian can be reached at: [email protected]

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