Holiday Weekend Turns Sunny & Warmer

Photo by Joshua Ross Photography

May 27, 2022 By Meteorologist Michael Page

The unofficial start of summer arrives on the South Shore with improving conditions this year.

The weekend will start off on the dull side, but sunshine eventually prevails for a nice stretch of weather.

Here's a look at what to expect each day.

Friday: for those starting the long weekend a bit early, Friday brings lots of clouds and a few peeks of sun. It will turn a bit humid, with temperatures in the 70s.

From a travel standpoint, however, there really should not be any major issues across Southern New England.

A few showers or storms will come through Friday night though, mainly well after the dinner hour.

Saturday: the first day of the long weekend will be the least pleasant, weather-wise.

We'll again have lots of clouds, along with a few occasional showers. It will be far from a washout though, so expect plenty of dry times to be outside.

Daytime temperatures will again be in the 70s. It will be muggy during the morning, but as a front goes through you'll notice it become a bit more comfortable late day.

Sunday: this is when the weather really starts to turn around. We'll enjoy lots of sunshine on Sunday, and temperatures will be warmer. In places like Liberty Pole temperatures will be close to 80 degrees, while areas closer to Crow Point, Hingham Harbor, or Cohasset Harbor will be around 70 thanks to a cooling seabreeze.

The air will feel refreshing, with lower humidity firmly in place.

Monday: the holiday is the warmest day of the long weekend. Under sunny skies temperatures will soar to 90 degrees in neighborhoods away from the coast, while even areas with a seabreeze near the water's edge nudge towards 80.

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