Hingham’s T.J. Byrne Named New HHS Football Coach

February 10, 2023 – Story by Mark Blaudshun, photos by Joshua Ross

Jim Quatromoni has known he would have to deal with finding a new football coach for more than a year.

The Hingham athletic director has been aware of the issues which  forced former football coach Mark Nutley and has conducted an extensive “search” for some time, gathering information about a position which had suddenly was becoming more transient than Quatromoni would like.

What he didn’t know then,  but proudly is now aware of was that his search did not have to beyond the town borders.

In a brief announcement on Friday afternoon, announcing the hiring of Weymouth football coach T.J. Byrne as Nutley’s successor,  Quatromoni explained his enthusiasm.

“We certainly felt fortunate that we had a great football coach living around the corner,”said Quatromoni. “We’re excited.”

So is Byrne. 

At 50, Byrne is almost literally coming home. He has lived in Hingham for the past 16 years with his wife Rosemary and their two daughters.

“It’s really special to be able to coach in your hometown,” said Byrne, who grew up and played in Abington, went to school and played football at UMass-Dartmouth and then returned to the Abington to begin his coaching career.

His latest stop was at Weymouth,where he spent the past five years, raising that program into a post season caliber level.

But there is more than just coaching. 

Byrne has a “day” job, working as a Massachusetts state trooper.

“It’s a great job because it offers me a lot of leeway in terms of time,” said Byrne with a laugh, “But it is also a job in which you deal with people with respect and that’s what you want to develop as a football coach and impart to others.”

The process of  getting Byrne back to Hingham began in December when the job was posted.

“I was immediately interested,” said Byrne, who talked the idea of returning “home” with his family before formally applying.

The last few days, which led to Friday’s announcement, moved at a much quicker pace as Byrne interviewed with Quatromoni and other Hingham officials, including players involved with the process.

By Thursday, it  was basically wrapped up.

“Now, my family’s home town is Hingham,” said Byrne, “And being able to coach where your heart is is a tremendous opportunity and honor. I can’t wait to get started.”

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