Hinghamite Montel Hill, 30, Cast on Season 16 of ‘The Bachelorette’

Photo courtesy of ABC and The Bachelorette

July 15, 2020 by Laura Winters

Montel Hill, a 30-year-old who lovingly calls Hingham home, has been cast in the 16th season of ABC's 'The Bachelorette.' Hill, a personal trainer,  will be among 43 men competing for Clare Crawley's heart this season.

According to Reality Steve, the 2020 season is currently being filmed at  La Quinta Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort in La Quinta, California.

The Anchor caught up with several of Hill's Hingham family members today - Mark Blasetti shared, "we dropped him off at the airport at 5 AM a week ago and he’s off the grid.  We literally will not be able to communicate with him except maybe on short windows once a week."  The family also told us that Montel was identified on Instagram by the show's casting team and after an application process, was selected to be among this season's cast.

Photo courtest of the Blasetti family.

The 16th season of the show was originally scheduled to begin filming in March. Just before filming began, ABC decided to put the show on hold until it would be safe to resume. According to ABC, the show is expected to run this fall though the official premiere date has not been announced.

To keep Clare and her suiters safe, ABC instituted a number of precautions before beginning filming. Bridget Blasetti, who Hill calls mom, shared, "once Montel arrived, he had to quarantine for a week and take a Covid-19 test. They will all be tested throughout the process." Instead of the usual jet-setting the show is known for, all dates and rose ceremonies will take place within the safety of the resort to keep the cast and crew safe and healthy.

Hill has a very close relationship with the Blasetti girls, his adopted sisters. "Everyone in Montel's  life knows what a great and special person he is! It's time to let Clare and the rest of the world know that, too," shares Haley Blasetti.

Ryley, Haley, Sydney and Perry Blasetti with Montel. Photo courtesy of the Blasetti family.

Sister, Ryley Blasetti tells the Anchor, "It’s pretty cool how someone I’ve grown up with is going to be on TV and I know Clare will love him."

Montel's other sisters also wanted to pass along messages to Montel, since they will not be able to talk to him for up to two months.

Good luck Montel! We love you! You’re such an amazing person Clare would be crazy not to choose you! - Love, Sydney

“I’m going to miss our 2v2 games, but at least I know I’m gonna kick your butt when you get back! Wishing the best of luck to Montel and Clare, we love you!!” - Perry

Follow along on the Anchor for 'The Bachelorette' air date and updates on Montel's progress on the show once it airs.   We are crossing our fingers that there will be a hometown Hingham visit soon. Best of luck, Montel!



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      • This is true. One’s “home”, whether they were “adopted” or not, and the members of one’s “family” are all where the heart is. Just ask my 30 year old adopted brother, who I met during physical therapy recently.

        • I totally agree. I went to the grocery store this afternoon, and the lady at checkout was super nice. And now she’s my adopted mother!


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