Hingham Public Schools COVID-19 cases on the rise; children’s vaccination clinic coming up

December 7, 2021 by Carol Britton Meyer

There are currently 325 Hingham Public Schools students and one staff member who have been identified as close contacts of an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 and are either participating in the "Test and stay" program or who are quarantining at home, Interim Supt. of Schools Gary Maestas reported to the School Committee on Monday.

The "Test and stay" approach allows students who have been in "close contact" with another student or other individual within a school building who tested positive to remain in school and to be tested daily as opposed to having to quarantine right away.

"Our school nurses, who are very involved in monitoring this program, have noticed a significant increase in COVID-19 cases since the first few months of the school year and since the Thanksgiving break," Maestas said. "They have identified that the super-high majority of cases are coming from weekend and outside-of-school contacts."

Maestas also announced that the Hingham Health Department will run a vaccination clinic for children ages 5 to 11 under a state program on an upcoming Saturday, with more information to come.

Image courtesy of Hingham Public Schools

6 thoughts on “Hingham Public Schools COVID-19 cases on the rise; children’s vaccination clinic coming up”

  1. If there was empirical proof that we were headed towards herd immunity if we all get the vaccine, then you could put forward an argument that everyone getting vaccinated was a community responsibility. But we know that the vaccine is useless at preventing transmission and infection. We also know that a healthy child has a 1 in million chance of dying from Covid. Therefore, there is no justification for vaccinating healthy children without knowing the long term risks of the vaccine. Healthy adults below a certain age have a 40 in a million chance of dying from Covid. They have a 1 in 10 chance of dying from cancer or heart disease.

    • Unfortunately asymptomatic children can infect grandparents, teachers, vulnerable immune compromised individuals, etc. as well as provide a reservoir for the virus to continue to mutate. Getting vaccinated is the ethical thing to do to protect yourself and those around you. With hundreds of millions of doses safely given the evidence is that it is extraordinarily safe. The break through rate has been around 5%, and the vaccine protects against serious disease and hospitalizations.
      People will continue to die unnecessarily until everyone is vaccinated.

      • Please provide evidence – DATA SOURCES – for all of your above statements, for the benefit of the Hingham community, so that people can research for themselves whether your statements are accurate or not. Comments like yours do nothing to help inform the citizenry at this point. There is an enormous amount of data in the US and internationally. Please help inform people in public forums like this.

  2. Children are at VERY LOW risk from Covid – as are the vast majority of healthy adults. Per CDC data, 99.9%+ of children under 18 survive Covid. The current EUA “vaccines” are not sterile inoculations – they do not stop the spread and they do not prevent infection. Further, there are serious, apparent and growing adverse events from these experimental vaccines. This is especially concerning for children. Parents must be informed that there is little short-term, and no medium or long term safety data for these vaccines in children, especially those under 11. THEY ARE NOT FULLY-LICENSED MEDICAL PRODUCTS. If it runs a vaccine clinic for children, the Hingham Health Department must provide complete and accurate information on these vaccines to satisfy the legal requirements of informed consent. Obscuring or omitting safety information — or falsely inflating the risk of Covid to children — violates informed consent.

    Parents (and all adults) should ask:

    – What are the short, medium and long-term safety profiles of these vaccines? Are there unknown medium and long-term risks with these vaccines? (You have every right to ask for this information and to make sure you’re satisfied with the disclosure of risk information. If you do not feel that you have enough information, you should note the lack of sufficient information to the provider and you are completely free to walk away.)
    – Why was Pfizer’s clinical trial for their vaccine in children under 11 significantly shorter than the standard vaccine trial period for children with other vaccines, drugs and medical products?
    – Is the mRNA vaccine categorized as gene therapy? Why or why not? Please explain in plain English.
    – If my child (or I) suffers an adverse event, will my insurance cover treatment?
    – If my child (or I) suffer an adverse event, is an entity liable for damages? Liable to cover my medical costs? Can I sue anyone?
    – Are insurance companies covering injuries from the current Covid vaccines? Why or why not? Are insurance companies underwriting (i.e., providing) insurance coverage for vaccine injuries for entities that are administering the vaccines? Why or why not?
    – Are there other safe, approved, less expensive medicines that can be used to treat Covid? What are they? Will my doctor prescribe them? What medications are on the NIH Covid-approved treatment list?
    – Is natural immunity longer-lasting than the vaccine’s limited duration? Why is a child not protected if they have already had Covid and tested positive for having the antibodies?
    – What is the justification for vaccinating children with an experimental drug when they have essentially no risk from the virus?
    – Does your organization follow the principles of the Nuremberg Code?

    Numerous legal counsel are observing local actions and collecting information on what is being presented to the public. Among other concerns, MA and Hingham taxpayers will not indemnify, or cover the legal costs, associated with the town and its officials executing a non-compliant program that puts citizens at risk.  


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