Hingham Police Department Sees Significant Cost Savings in 6 Month Period Since Using Hybrid

Photo courtesy of the Hingham Police Department

January 21, 2022 Submitted by the Hingham Police Department

Chief David Jones is pleased to announce that the Hingham Police Department has seen significant savings since the purchase of a fleet of hybrid vehicles last year.

The department began using seven new hybrid cruisers in July of 2021. The 2021 Ford Police Interceptor Hybrid vehicles are used as frontline patrol vehicles.

During a budget presentation at last week’s Select Board meeting, Chief Jones broke down a comparison between the six-month period when the vehicles were used in 2021 versus that same timeframe when non-hybrids were used in 2020. The hybrid vehicles used approximately 46% less fuel (13,570 gallons in 2020 compared to 7,325 in 2021) and saw an increase in fuel efficiency of over six miles per gallon.

The cost savings to the Town of Hingham through the use of the hybrid vehicles over that six-month period has been approximately $17,300, which would equal roughly $34,600 if calculated for an entire year. This figure was determined by multiplying the number of gallons saved by the average price of gas per gallon during the time assessed.

In addition to the financial savings, the department reports the amount of greenhouse gas emissions saved over the six-month period as approximately 55.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide (according to EPA.gov).

These seven cruisers are the first hybrid vehicles used by town employees in the Town of Hingham.

“In a time when costs continue to rise across the board, it is especially important to find ways to save money in any way we can,” Chief Jones said. “These vehicles not only result in a cost savings for the town but are also much better for the environment, and will hopefully lead to additional hybrids being purchased for use by town employees in the future.”

A recording of the Jan. 13 Select Board budget presentation can be found on the town’s Harbor Media YouTube page. The presentation on the hybrid vehicles is at the 1:58:13 mark.

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