Hingham Nursery School Hosts Polar (Bear) Plunge!

Photos courtesy of Hingham Nursery School

February 8, 2022 submitted by Hingham Nursery School

Last weekend Hingham Nursery School hosted a Polar (Bear!) Plunge at the bathing beach early afternoon. Dozens of families gathered for hot chocolate and cookies despite the cold, windy February afternoon.

Hingham Nursery School students arrived bundled and eager with homemade signs to cheer on their polar bear friend. The local fire department kindly gave “Pete” a grand entrance before the crowd counted down from ten to kickstart his plunge.

The inflatable polar bear had to cautiously step over ice patches before he found an opening in the frozen harbor. A quick plunge, a few pretend backstrokes and the crowd erupted with cheers and laughter. It was yet again another fun, memorable event for the Hingham Nursery School community!

This is the second annual Polar Bear Plunge fundraiser for the nursery school.  Families could sponsor Pete’s plunge in exchange for a plush Pete the Polar Bear doll and a Hingham Nursery School Winter Beanie.

Hingham Nursery School is now accepting applications for fall 2022 registration, you can visit http://hinghamnurseryschool.com for more information.

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