HHS Puts Finishing Touches on Mamma Mia! Musical Show Running THIS WEEK: Nov 21-23

Tanya (played by Morgan Willison), Donna Sheridan (Erika Chapin), and Rosie (Maeve Brienzi) rehearse a number for the upcoming Mamma Mia! at Hingham High School

November 16 by Dana Donnelly

Photos courtesy of HHS Drama

The Hingham High Drama Club proudly presents Mamma Mia! live at Hingham High School (17 Union Street) for 3 nights only - Thu, Nov 21 at 7:30pm; Fri, Nov 22 at 8:00pm; and Sat, Nov 23 at 8:00pm.

The HHS Mamma Mia! cast learns new choreography for their upcoming show opening Thu, Nov 21.

A limited number of tickets remain and can be purchased online at OnTheStage.com.

Bill Austin (played by Carter Anderson), Harry Bright (Nathan Lavoie), and Sam Carmichael (Devan Kushnir) await their cue to join the number on stage in HHS’s Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! is a feel good story of love, laughter, and friendship set on a Greek island using hit songs by the popular 1970s group ABBA to tell the story. Audience members will find themselves rocking along to numbers like Dancing Queen; Super Trooper; Money, Money, Money; and Lay All Your Love on Me.

Sophie (played by Kate Schembri) and Sky (Aidan Murphy) battle it out with song in Mamma Mia! opening at HHS on Thu, Nov 21)

Young Sophie dreams of having her father give her away at her upcoming wedding to Sky, but must figure out who he is first! She invites three possible candidates — Harry Bright, Bill Austin, and Sam Carmichael — she has read about in her mother’s diary. Her mother, who has invited her back-up singers, Tanya and Rosie, from her former pop group, Donna and the Dynamos, is not aware of her daughter’s search… until all parties collide and mayhem ensues.

The Mamma Mia! leads rehearse a song and dance number with the chorus members surrounding them at Hingham High School

The cast and crew of 100 students have been preparing — building sets, designing costumes, gathering props, learning songs, practicing dance numbers, rehearsing lines, and more — since the start of the school year. They invite you to kick off your end-of-year, holiday season with a fun-loving good time!

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