GoFundMe donations will benefit sons of longtime Hingham resident and youth football coach

Mason (L) and Liam (R) Lennon carry on Hingham Football legacy (photos by Joshua Ross)
Mason (L) and Liam (R) Lennon carry on Hingham Football legacy (photos by Joshua Ross)
January 24, 2021 by Carol Britton Meyer

Community support is growing through a GoFundMe page set up to benefit Liam and Mason Lennon, who recently lost their father, Kevin, 43, leaving them without parents.

Kevin and his family grew up in Bradley Woods, where Mason -- an eighth-grader at Hingham Middle School -- and Liam -- a Hingham High School sophomore -- are living with their grandfather.

Within 16 hours from the time Jeff Reilly -- a family friend who coached both boys in youth sports -- set up the page and posted a goal of $100,000, over $64,000 had already been donated.

"These funds are a way to help them have a chance to go to college or get started in life," Reilly told the Hingham Anchor. "We'd like to keep this fund going."

Mason Lennon of Hingham (photo by Joshua Ross)

Their mother passed away four years ago.  Mason, Liam, and Kevin were living with his father and mother --Richard and Jo-Ann Lennon -- at the time of his passing. Last year they suffered the loss of their grandmother. Liam and Kevin will continue to live with their grandfather.

Reilly described Kevin as "a really good guy -- quiet and unassuming -- who dedicated his life to his boys. I've gotten to know the family pretty well, and Kevin's world was Liam and Mason. He was their rock."

Liam Lennon of Hingham (photo by Joshua Ross)

Since Kevin's passing, an irrevocable trust has been set up for Mason and Liam. The purpose of the trust is to help the boys plan for the future as they graduate high school and look to college or starting a career.

Their aunt, Jill Medeiros, will serve as trustee and will ensure the money raised will be used to provide much-needed meaningful support to both Mason and Liam.

"While money isn't the only support the boys will need, this fund can really help them as they deal with the loss of their parents," Reilly said.

To donate, please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-liam-and-mason-plan-for-their-future.

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