From Elections to Public Records Access, Town Clerk is Big Job

May 4, 2021, Submitted by Ally Donnelly

Town clerk is no small job. They are the only paid elected official in the town of Hingham. The incoming clerk will earn a taxpayer-funded annual salary of about $75,000. Retiring clerk Eileen McCracken earned about $95,000 in her last year. The post is a three year term without limits.

For the uninitiated, the job of clerk could be thought of as a straight administrative job, but it is so much more. Town Clerk is often the first point of contact for everything from dog licenses to burial permits. They are tasked with making sure Hingham holds fair, transparent elections with access for all. They make sure town officials are complying with open meeting and ethics laws and they are the gatekeeper for the majority of the town’s public records.

On this week’s episode, we sit down with Candidates Carol Falvey, Libby Lewiecki, Laura Marwill and Tom Patch. We ask them why voters who don’t share their political views should trust them? We ask where they stand on mail-in voting. They told us how they would bring innovation into the office to boost voter participation and much more. It’s a really interesting conversation that we hope helps you make your voting decision more clear. Join us!

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