Kickin’ It with Charlie Davies


2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying
U.S. Men vs. Trinidad & Tobago
Hasely Crawford Stadium
Port of Spain, Trinidad
October 14, 2008

Charlie is a recently retired professional soccer player who played for the US Men's National Team as well as teams in Europe and multiple stops in the MLS.  Charlie is incredibly accomplished on the soccer field, but even more impressive is his positive attitude and ability to fight through adversity.  His playing career was put on hold as he recovered from a devastating car accident in 2009 and a cancer diagnosis in 2016.  Charlie's amazing perseverance and dedication allowed him to return to the field after both of these life changing events.  Charlie has not ventured too far from the field since his retirement in 2018 and his passion for the game remains strong.  His charismatic personality and infectious smile have allowed him to transition into new roles with the New England Revolution and multiple media outlets.  Learn more about Charlie and what makes Hingham special for him and his family.

Hingham, meet Charlie. 

What is your earliest memory on the soccer field?

My earliest memory of being on the soccer field dates back to first grade when I was introduced to the game. My father would get home from work and take me to the soccer field to practice everyday.

What is the most memorable moment of your career?

The most memorable moment of my career is when I scored for the US Men’s National team against our biggest rival Mexico in Estadio Azteca, their historic stadium. It was always a dream of mine to play in that game after watching our country battle it out vs the Mexicans in Foxborough during a 1997 World Cup qualifier.

Soccer is an international sport, what are some of the favorite places you have traveled to during your career?

I have been very fortunate to travel across the world playing the beautiful game of soccer. Thats one of the reasons why the sport is so special, it brings people together from all around the globe. I’ve played in some amazing countries and my favorites are China, South Africa, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, France, and Italy.

After reaching the highest level of soccer in the United States by joining the US Men's National Team, you experienced several personal challenges and setbacks.  What do you attribute to your ability to overcome these challenges?

Having a positive attitude and a strong support system gave me everything I needed to succeed. I was determined to always come out of the dark times and realized circumstances can always be worse. Very blessed with the people in my life.

Since you retired from professional soccer in 2018, you are still very involved in the game.  Tell us what you are up to these days for the New England Revolution.

I’m the club ambassador for the New England Revolution. It’s been great to come back home and work for the club I played for and grew up supporting. I’m involved in all aspects of the business. I’m also heavily involved in TV/Media. I host a show on NBC Sports Boston that covers the revs and make weekly appearances on Boston Sports Tonight. I also travel down to New York City every other weekend to be an analyst for the League’s (MLS) digital content.

What is your favorite restaurant in Hingham?

I love food! My favorite restaurant in Hingham is Square Cafe.

What is your favorite local spot?

If I’m going to grab a coffee and hang out I’ll head to Red Eye Roasters.

What do you love most about Hingham?

Being able to take walks by the ocean is invigorating. Since moving to Hingham in 2013, everyone has been so welcoming.

Aside from spending time with your wife and twin 3-year old boys, what other activities do you enjoy?

Due to my busy work schedule, any free time I have goes to my wife and twins. I get the most joy being with them.

Do you have a hidden talent or something people may not know about you?

I’m good at doing impersonations. I love to make people laugh.

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