Salutatorian Speech, Emma Beyer

Lessons I have Learned from Nature by Emma Beyer Good afternoon! My name is Emma Beyer, and it is with great honor that I stand before you all as your salutatorian. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all students, teachers, honored guests, friends, and family members here today both physically and virtually; …

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Class President Speech, Cameron Frank

Graduation by Cameron Frank I’d like to start this speech off by giving a huge congratulations to all of us, not just for graduating high school, but for persevering through a really heavy year. I would also like to thank all of the teachers, staff, and of course parents that have supported us not just …

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Student Speaker Speech, Pria Parker

Our Voices by Pria Parker Wow. I used to see 2021 as this mythical, nonexistent year. 21 was just the number before our school usernames. Yet here we are. I’m so proud of all of you. After 11 long years of school, then 1 really long, weird year of school, we made it! I don’t feel qualified …

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2021 High School Senior Scholarships

The Rizzotto Memorial Scholarship Megan Fennelly The Cyrus V. & Ada B. W. Bacon Scholarship Catherine Manning John Rogan The Orvis K. and May B. Collins Memorial Scholarship Grace Cushing The Amasa J. Whiting Scholarship Bennett Cyr The Second World War Memorial Scholarship Christian Kachel The Margaret McElroy Award Nathan Lavoie The Stuart MacMillan Memorial …

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2021 High School Senior Awards

National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation For outstanding performance on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test and National Merit Scholarship qualifying test. The following students were in the top 5% nationally of those who took the test. Emma Beyer William Fetsko Peter Howell Amory Ling Catherine Manning Nikolas Praschma John Rogan ______________________________________________________ National Merit Scholarship Certificate …

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HHBR President Statement on Season

By Marc Swirbalus, President HHBR and Coach of Cardinals The summer of 2020 was the beginning of the new normal. Staying distant and safety guidelines all while playing baseball was challenging, but we did it!  As the new President and a coach of this historical league, I wanted the season to go as smooth and …

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South School 5th Grade Parade Photo Gallery

CONGRATS SOUTH SCHOOL 5TH GRADERS! 3W5A48103W5A48043W5A48033W5A48133W5A48213W5A48193W5A48223W5A48243W5A48293W5A48263W5A48323W5A48373W5A48413W5A48443W5A48513W5A48473W5A48553W5A48613W5A48603W5A48673W5A48723W5A48783W5A48773W5A48793W5A48843W5A48853W5A48893W5A48923W5A48963W5A48973W5A48943W5A48993W5A49023W5A49033W5A49053W5A49063W5A49103W5A49143W5A49283W5A49343W5A49993W5A50843W5A49183W5A50533W5A50553W5A49213W5A49233W5A49373W5A49393W5A49413W5A49433W5A49513W5A49453W5A49533W5A49583W5A49593W5A49603W5A49643W5A49733W5A49743W5A49763W5A49773W5A49833W5A49853W5A49883W5A49943W5A49923W5A49953W5A50073W5A50093W5A50133W5A50163W5A50173W5A50213W5A50233W5A50263W5A50283W5A50323W5A50353W5A50383W5A50403W5A50433W5A50463W5A50613W5A50583W5A50653W5A50673W5A50723W5A50763W5A50773W5A50803W5A50873W5A50893W5A50933W5A50953W5A50963W5A51003W5A51023W5A51073W5A51123W5A51173W5A51183W5A5121