East School 5th Grade Parade Photo Gallery

CONGRATS TO EAST SCHOOL’S 5TH GRADERS! 3W5A45953W5A45943W5A46003W5A46013W5A46063W5A46073W5A46113W5A46093W5A46133W5A46143W5A46193W5A46223W5A46273W5A46283W5A46303W5A46453W5A46413W5A46493W5A46513W5A46573W5A46563W5A46603W5A46653W5A46663W5A46713W5A46743W5A46773W5A46823W5A46843W5A46873W5A46893W5A47003W5A47723W5A47063W5A47033W5A47113W5A47133W5A47193W5A47233W5A47243W5A47293W5A47263W5A47303W5A47323W5A47333W5A47353W5A47383W5A47423W5A47463W5A47473W5A47483W5A47523W5A47543W5A47603W5A47553W5A47633W5A47743W5A47773W5A4781

Foster 5th Grade Parade Photo Gallery

CONGRATS FOSTER 5TH GRADERS! 3W5A42313W5A42393W5A42453W5A42483W5A42503W5A42533W5A42563W5A42633W5A42723W5A42763W5A42833W5A42913W5A42943W5A42973W5A43003W5A43053W5A43133W5A43193W5A43273W5A43333W5A43393W5A43413W5A43473W5A43513W5A43543W5A43553W5A43593W5A43643W5A43653W5A43763W5A43773W5A43813W5A43903W5A43933W5A43973W5A44043W5A44063W5A44123W5A44173W5A44233W5A44263W5A44343W5A44413W5A44453W5A44583W5A44663W5A44683W5A44713W5A44733W5A44773W5A44793W5A44803W5A44883W5A44913W5A44933W5A44943W5A44973W5A45033W5A45083W5A45113W5A45153W5A45303W5A45343W5A45373W5A45393W5A45413W5A45463W5A45523W5A45633W5A45693W5A45833W5A4587

PRS 5th Grade Parade Photo Gallery

CONGRATS TO PRS 5TH GRADERS!   3W5A40053W5A40103W5A40123W5A40153W5A40163W5A40193W5A40203W5A40243W5A40263W5A40283W5A40293W5A40323W5A40353W5A40373W5A40423W5A40453W5A40463W5A40513W5A40543W5A40553W5A40593W5A40643W5A40703W5A40763W5A40843W5A40893W5A40923W5A40933W5A41013W5A41023W5A41043W5A41123W5A41173W5A41233W5A41313W5A41353W5A41393W5A41483W5A41523W5A41623W5A41683W5A41743W5A41803W5A41933W5A41963W5A42003W5A42033W5A42093W5A42143W5A42243W5A4229

2020 High School Senior Awards

National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation For outstanding performance on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test and National Merit Scholarship qualifying test.  The following students were in the top 5% nationally of those who took the test. Livia Brennan Emily Bryant William Bryant Iason Chaimalas Ciara Dale Bennett Donahue Owen Hull Emerson Lewiecki Nicholas Lynch William …

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2020 HHS Scholarship Awards

THE TOWN OF HINGHAM SCHOLARSHIP FUND Class of 2020 The Rizzotto Memorial Scholarship: Stori Levarity The Russell Arkell Memorial Scholarship: James Durkin The Cyrus V. & Ada B. W. Bacon Scholarship: Clare Trinchet & William Procter The John and Genevieve Barba Memorial Scholarship: Christopher Setiawan The Robert V. Barbuto and James C. Silippo Memorial Scholarship: …

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History Moment: The Kimball Family Photo Collection

1914 – Three generations of Kimballs at the office of George E. Kimball Lumber on Summer St. in Hingham Harbor, 1914. The Kimball family – beginning with George E. Kimball pictured here with his family at the turn of the 20th century and continuing to his great-granddaughter Judy – have over the years, graciously donated …

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History Moment: Rachel Lincoln’s Square Piano

Originally published by the Hingham Historical Society All photos are courtesy of HHS Nestled in the alcove of the Kelly Gallery at the Hingham Heritage Museum sits a musical treasure. This spinnet, or square fortepiano is one of a very small number that were built between 1790 and 1794 by James Henry Houston of Houston …

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By:  Bob Malme, Archivist, Hingham Historical Society In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and thanks to two binders of the John P. Richardson Collection co-owned by the Hingham Historical Commission and Hingham Historical Society, I would like to introduce the Dalys, one of the town’s earliest Irish immigrant families. Daniel Daly (1825-1911) was born in …

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