Carol Falvey announces candidacy for Town Clerk

Carol Falvey pulls nomination papers at Hingham Town Hall (photo courtesy of Christine Smith)
Carol Falvey pulls nomination papers at Hingham Town Hall (photo courtesy of Christine Smith)
January 25, 2021 submitted by Carol Falvey (photo courtesy of Christine Smith)

Elections matter. Recent events remind us that they are the most important cornerstone of our democracy. As a lifelong resident and Town Meeting participant, I understand Hingham’s respect for the democratic process. I am therefore pleased to announce my candidacy for Hingham Town Clerk.

My experiences in law, town government, and philanthropy, when combined with my family’s legacy of service, have prepared me well to serve in this important role. After graduating from Hingham High School, College of the Holy Cross and Suffolk University Law School, I moved back to Hingham with my husband, Mark Van Dine, to raise our family.  Our children both graduated from Hingham High School—my daughter, Allie, is an attorney in Washington, D.C. and my son, Jake, is a mechanical engineer working in Somerville.

For the past 30 years, I have maintained my law practice while actively participating in the Hingham community. My 2011 and subsequent 2014 election to the School Committee provided exposure to the workings of town government. I worked with Advisory Committees to pass annual school and municipal budgets, ushered in a new Hingham Middle School, helped implement Full Day Kindergarten, and guided the hiring of our educational leadership team. In addition, I worked with Hingham Sports Partnership to complete the Multi-Purpose Fields project for the community to enjoy.  My six-year commitment as a Trustee of the Hingham Education Foundation—including two years as President—made clear to me how important community partnerships are for achieving successful Town outcomes.

The Town Clerk’s office registers voters, keeps vital records, administers Town Meeting and runs the elections that power our democracy—the true heart of local government. With the retirement of the esteemed Eileen McCracken, the office will undergo a transition. It is essential that the right candidate take the baton.  I promise to maintain and protect our fair election process, to assist young people and those new to the area with voter registration, and to continue to operate the Town Clerk’s office with its trademark professionalism and competence.

My experience has proven that I understand how Hingham works and how to bring people together to better our community.

I humbly ask for your vote to once again allow me to serve the Town I love.

For additional information on the campaign, please visit my website at or email me at

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