Bus accident Tuesday morning involved South School students; three ‘very minor’ injuries reported

Photo by Austin Pacheco on unsplash

November 22, 2022 By Carol Britton Meyer

A minor accident involving Bus 10 occurred Tuesday morning on the way to South School. Three children had "very minor injuries," according to Principal Mary Eastwood, and the school nurse reached out to their families.

"It was a fender bender, and everyone is fine," Eastwood reported in an email to families whose children were on the bus following the incident.

The accident occurred in front of South School by the fire station, and administrators and staff "were on the bus in minutes," according to Eastwood.

"Students were all checked by firefighters and EMTs on site."

Once all of the students from the bus were inside the school, they were checked again. "The students are at school and going on with normal business," Eastwood said in the email.

A parent who spoke with her daughter and some of the other children who were on the bus reported that "they were okay but shaken up about the whole experience."

In a follow-up email, Eastwood explained the accident further, reporting that first responders and School Resource Officer Katelin McGillicuddy were on the scene immediately, along with the many staff members and administration.

Parents/caregivers of Bus 10 children as well as South School staff were notified right away of the incident.

After the students were checked out, "It was determined that getting them to school would be the best thing to do. They were walked down the sidewalk and across the crosswalk, with many adults supervising them," Eastwood explained. "We then gathered in the front hallway and debriefed, making sure that all students were physically and emotionally fine."

After accounting for every child who was on the bus and spending "a little extra time making sure they were ready (after using their breathing and quiet safe place tools) to go to class, adults escorted them there, and on my walk through, all were checked on again, and all is fine," Eastwood said in the follow-up email. "We have a lot to be thankful for."

Anyone with questions or concerns may reach out to the Main Office at (781) 741-1540.

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