Brush Fire Extinguished in “Home Meadow”

March 1, 2020

This morning, a brush fire occurred in the area known as Home Meadow, behind 184 Main Street.

Photo by Rosemary Wilde

Chief Steve Murphy told the Anchor, “The firefighters aggressively fought this fire and did a great job of preventing further fire spread.  The wind also helped us by shifting in the right direction.”

Photo by Hans von der Luft

Hull and Norwell crews joined Hingham Fire Department crews in extinguishing the fire.

Photo by Hans von der Luft

Chief Murphy also said “due to the lack of rain and snowfall, we are concerned about how dry the ground is and are worried about additional outside fires.   We want to ask anyone burning brush to be extremely careful and pay close attention to their fires."  He also also reminded us to "please burn small quantities rather than a larger fire and have a water source readily available.”



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