Athlete of the Week Presented by College Hype 10/16/23 – Alessandro Neyra

October 16, 2023 – Story and photos by Joshua Ross

The Hingham boys soccer team is off to a 12-0 start after beating a very tough BC High team on Saturday.  A large part to their success this season is due to the performance of this week’s Athlete of the Week presented by College Hype, Alessandro Neyra.  The junior center midfielder has 10 goals in 12 games and a total of 16 points, which leads the Patriot League.  He opened the scoring in two of Hingham’s games last week helping the Harbormen get the early leads in those games.

“Alessansdro is part of our center triangle, which is the engine that runs this team,” coach Ken Carlin says. “He is a very technically gifted player with a nose for the goal.  His clever little spin turn shot started the scoring against Boston College High.”

Senior captain Mason Lemieux explains how Alessandro is a game changer on the field.

“Alessandro, as a player, is the definition of all for one one for all,”Lemieux says. “He puts everything out there on the field every single time he takes a step on it. He’s an incredible athlete and very entertaining to watch and play beside. He has had a point in almost every single game in the past 6-7 games and that is astonishing. He is certainly one of the best players I’ve ever played with because of his skill, vision, and composure.”

Congrats Alessandro on a great week and incredible season!

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