Acts of kindness — Two centenarians with Hingham ties celebrate birthdays; gift cards for veterans

Phyllis Chapman in 2020 at her 103rd birthday celebration

October 28, 2021 by Carol Britton Meyer

Two vibrant women -- both centenarians with strong ties to Hingham -- were recognized by Select Board Chair Joseph Fisher Tuesday night on the occasion of their "special  birthdays."

Neither participated in the remote board meeting, but each will be presented with a certificate signed by all three board members wishing them happy and healthy birthdays at a later date.

Longtime Hingham resident Phyllis L Chapman is celebrating her 104th birthday. "Last year, her friends and family surprised her on her 103rd birthday," Fisher said. The theme of the celebration was “103 and Still Busy as A Bee."

"This year it’s possible that there may be another surprise for Phyllis, but that’s all I’m going to say," Fisher quipped.

He applauded Chapman -- who is a travel enthusiast and participant in the Senior Center's fitness program and book club -- "for your active and continued contributions to your family, your friends, and the wider Hingham community."

He went on to honor Margaret Spalluzzi, "who is much younger than Phyllis. Margaret will be celebrating her 100th birthday," he said with a smile.

Hingham Shipyard developer Samuels & Associates is partnering with the Historical Society and the Veterans' Services Department to honor Spalluzzi with a celebration on the occasion of her special birthday on Tuesday, Nov. 2, at 11 a.m. at The Launch at Hingham Shipyard on the lawn behind the former Beer Works, next to the anchor.

"We are delighted and honored to commemorate Margaret's outstanding service to our country during World War II and her long-term work at Hingham Shipyard as a welder," Fisher said. Everyone is invited to join the celebration.

"We're honored, pleased, and delighted to be honoring them both," Fisher said.

Gift cards for veterans

In other business at the meeting, Select Board member William Ramsey expressed appreciation for the individual(s) who have been regularly leaving envelopes containing gift cards for veterans to be used for food shopping under Veterans' Services Officer Keith Jermyn's door at Town Hall.

"This kind donor is enclosing about $100-worth of gift cards each time," Ramsey said. "Keith reported to me that this happens often, sometimes several times a month. Whoever is doing this obviously wishes to remain anonymous, and I thank [him or her] for this really kind gesture."

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