Way Back Wednesday: Ladies rowing around Hingham Harbor

June 27, 2024 By Geri Duff

Bertie Ellis, Carrie White, Ann E. Woodside and Corine Emerson went for a cruise around Hingham Harbor in 1906. No life jackets, hats, or sunscreen and if they went overboard the long skirts would drag them under. Luckily, the water was calm. Ann’s father, W.E. Woodside, had a photo studio on South Street and was most likely taking pictures at the Hingham Yacht Club. (When it was located where the Victory Statue is now.) Mr. Woodside took studio portraits, sold photographic supplies and published his own line of Hingham postcards. Mr. Woodside’s postcards of Hingham had a gray border and a title on the front. This postcard was personal and had no title.

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