Vote To Create The Hingham Climate Action Commision!

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April 7, 2023 By Jo-An Heileman, Hingham Net Zero

At our 2021 Town Meeting, Hingham citizens voted overwhelmingly in favor of the goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and forming a committee that would create the Climate Action Plan needed to get there.

The Climate Action Planning Committee has drafted the soon-to-be finalized Plan, which outlines major areas of focus and actions required to reduce emissions. But reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2040 will take years of coordinated, sustained work, which is beyond what this Committee was asked to do.

To address this need, the 2023 Town Meeting Warrant includes Article 23, which calls for the creation of a Hingham Climate Action Commission (HCAC) to support, oversee and report on the implementation of our Climate Action Plan.

The HCAC will measure and report on results, assess new technology and best practices, work with key Town committees and departments, educate residents and businesses, and update the plan as needed. The Commission will be staffed with nine Hingham citizen volunteers, including five drawn from existing committees with related functions, and four at-large appointees. It will become the permanent, empowered Town entity necessary to reach our net zero goal. No budget dollars are being requested.

Please join me in voting YES for Article 23 at Town Meeting on Monday, April 24 th , 7:00 PM!

 Jo-An Heileman, Hingham Net Zero

1 thought on “Vote To Create The Hingham Climate Action Commision!”

  1. Hi Anchor,
    Thank You for your diligence in focusing on Climate Change and Climate Action. In my opinion there is no other issue more important to Hingham. Just one suggestion: ‘VOTE TO CREATE THE HINGHAM CLIMATE ACTION COMMISION!’, should have COMMISSION instead.
    Elliott Place, 91 Kimball Beach Road, Hingham


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