Town of Hingham Shares Information on potential COMSTAR Data Breach

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

July 8, 2022 Submitted by the Town of Hingham

The Town of Hingham wishes to inform residents of a potential data breach against an ambulance billing company that may impact some residents who have utilized ambulance services within the Town of Hingham.

COMSTAR Ambulance Billing provides ambulance billing services to multiple New England communities, including the Town of Hingham. COMSTAR recently notified the Town and residents that they experienced a potential data breach against COMSTAR’s computer network.

A number of Hingham residents recently received a letter from COMSTAR about the potential data breach, which occurred on or around March 26, 2022. The Town wishes to notify residents that the letter is a legitimate communication from COMSTAR, in which they provide information about the potential data breach and steps they are taking to address it.

The Town wishes to assure residents that the Town of Hingham’s internal data and networks were not compromised as part of this data breach. As such, individuals who have questions about this matter or believe they may be impacted should contact COMSTAR directly at 877-587-4280.

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