UPDATE: Threatening Note Found Near School Property

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Costanza

November 7, 2023 Submitted by the Hingham Police Department

UPDATED 8:37pm on November 7th

The note found today on a path used by students near the East School has been confirmed not to be an actual threat and there is no danger. The note was part of a game several elementary school students were playing among each other with escalating notes left for each other.

This evening, November 7, 2023, a parent called the police after seeing the notification and discovered their child and his friends were involved in writing the note. That parent then came to the police station and the officers confirmed this information. As a result, we are satisfied that there was no intent to harm or actual danger related to this note. Due to their ages no charges will be filed.


A threatening note was found today near East School property by a resident who contacted police. The note did not mention the school but the path where it was found is used by students to walk to East School.

On Tuesday November 7, 2023, at 12:10pm Officers responded a home on Chamberlain Run regarding a threatening note the resident found along a path off Chamberlain Run. The path leads to the East School property and is used by students. The note was written on a white paper plate and included the words “shooting” and “murder”.

Officers went to East School, spoke with staff and determined there was no direct threat to the school. As a precaution, an Officer will remain at the school through dismissal. The incident remains under investigation. ### Contact P.I.O. Lt. Steven Dearth.

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