The Vital Role of Local Banking: Our Experience with South Shore Bank!

Hilary Jenison, John Mannion of South Shore Bank and Laura Winters

November 7th, 2023 By Hilary Jenison and Laura Winters  

In today’s fast-paced world of financial transactions and digital banking, the importance of local banks is a critical part of our local economy. When it comes to fostering economic growth, supporting communities, and ensuring financial stability at the neighborhood level, the significance of local banking institutions cannot be overstated. South Shore Bank’s mission is Shared Success, and that is something that we at the Hingham Anchor also believe in. When our communities are engaged and thriving, we are thriving – we all share in each other’s success.

South Shore Bank was one of the very first companies to support the Anchor Media as an advertising partner and we are so grateful for their financial support from the very beginning. They believed in us, and without them, the Anchor would not be here today.

At South Shore Bank, not only are we working with banking experts, but they are also local neighbors and community members who care about our community the same way we do.  John Mannion, Commercial Relationship Manager at South Shore Bank, has been a local Hingham resident for over 25 years.  When he’s not helping many small businesses in Hingham thrive, you’ll likely find him shooting hoops at the Hingham Recreation!  His expertise, along with his team at South Bank, has been incredibly valuable in helping the Hingham Anchor sustain despite economic and media landscape challenges.

One example was in 2020, when COVID-19 hit Massachusetts, it impacted our work at the Anchor just as it impacted the lives of so many. “We needed more reporting, and we did not want to slow down because of an inability to pay our staff for the increased demand,” says Hilary Jenison, co-founder of Anchor Media. “The experts at South Shore Bank quickly stepped up to guide us through obtaining a PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan to ensure that Hingham reporting didn’t stop because they knew the importance to our community.  Furthermore, they donated back all their net proceeds from the program back to the community and provided a half-million dollars to assist with monthly rent and mortgage payments for those in need. South Shore Bank always does the right thing, because they know shared success ultimately benefits us all.”

Local banks offer a level of personalized service and regional expertise that is hard to find in larger institutions. Clients are not just account numbers: they are neighbors and individuals with unique financial goals. South Shore Bank takes the time to build relationships, understand their customers’ needs, and provide tailored advice and solutions.

Local banking institutions are not just places to store money; they are pillars of support for communities, engines of economic growth, and guardians of financial stability. Their community-centric approach, economic contributions, and commitment to local values make them indispensable. Much like local journalism or local shops, to ensure the continued prosperity of our community, we must recognize and celebrate the vital role of local banks and consider them our financial partners in building a better future together. Just like we need to choose to support local and shop local. By choosing to bank locally, we invest in our communities and strengthen the foundation upon which our mutual success depends.

“We are grateful for our partners at South Shore Bank, and we know we can count on their expertise to support our local journalism efforts here in Hingham because they believe in community as much as we all do,” continued Jenison, Co-Founder Anchor Media.

Bank Local. Shop Local. Support Local – we all share each other’s success!
Thank you to South Shore Bank for helping to keep local journalism alive in Hingham through this sponsored post. 

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