Tips for the Perfect Holiday Mantle from Jaime of Delicious Designs


Creating a holiday “mantlescape” is an easy way to make your home feel festive and look gorgeous!  We asked Jamie Moore of Delicious Designs in Downtown Hingham for some tips and advice on how to create an easy holiday mantle.

Jaime’s Holiday Mantle Tips:

1.  Pick a theme and carry it through out your decorations. Mine is green and gold!

2.  Bring in organic elements. Nothing feels better then a pop of fresh greens. These are eucalyptus and magnolia leaves.

3. Lighting is everything! Little twinkle lights make everything warm and cozy. I go with the battery operated strands so there are no showing cords.

4. Add a touch of tradition. The holidays are a time for friends and family. I have a lot of family heirlooms from Sweden that I love putting out this time of year.

Happy mantlescaping!

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