Serving Up Wins with Gabby Parker

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Gabby Parker is 22 years old and recently graduated from Suffolk University with a BA in Law. Just five years ago, Gabby was one of the captains of the Hingham High School volleyball team and ended her senior year season with a 12-10 record and 123 kills. After four years of working for Hingham Public Schools throughout college, Gabby recently started working full-time in the Asst. Superintendent's office and she will begin a new position coaching Freshman volleyball at Hingham High School this Fall.

Hingham, meet Gabby.

When did you start playing volleyball?

I started playing volleyball when I was in the 8th grade, I joined a volleyball clinic and from there started playing as a Freshman at Stoughton High School, and then when I moved to Hingham my sophomore year I was able to play on JV.

Photo courtesy of Gabby Parker

How would you describe your volleyball career at HHS? What were some of the highlights?

I would say I had a pretty successful career playing at HHS, I was able to join Varsity as a junior. Two of the biggest highlights would be making captain my senior year and having one of my teammate's little brother and sister as my superfans for every game.

Did you play volleyball in college?

I really wanted to play competitively in college, but I also wanted to focus on school and the social aspect of college and I felt like playing volleyball competitively would take away from that. Luckily when I attended Quinnipiac for two years they had club volleyball, so I was able to form a team with a bunch of friends and still play at night.

Is this your first coaching job? If so, have you always wanted to coach or did this opportunity come up and thought, why not?

This is my first ever coaching job. A co-worker suggested I should go for the position, and I figured sure why not, I love the sport and it would be a great opportunity.

What are you most excited about coming back to the HS you played at?

I'm really excited to see how much the volleyball program has progressed over the years since I've been there and seeing all the familiar faces.

What did you love most about growing up in Hingham?  

Technically, I didn't move to Hingham until my sophomore year of high school, but during that time I loved how dedicated and prideful everyone was about being from Hingham.

What was your experience like growing up in Hingham as a Black woman in a predominantly White community?  

It was a major culture shock for me, It was definitely hard getting used to having only one, or two people of color in my classes. it was also interesting the amount questions from peers I would get about if had to put sunscreen on during the summertime, or constantly being asked what my background/ethnicity is.

What is your favorite local spot?

My favorite local spot would have to be Worlds End

What is your go-to place for local dining/take-out?

My go-to dining place would have to be Stars they have the best breakfast!

What's on your bucket list?

To meet Michelle Obama.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

To be present and live in the moment.

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