Restaurant Comes Through for Veterans on Thanksgiving

Photo courtesy of Chris Sugrue

November 29, 2023 By The Hingham Police Department

On Thanksgiving around noon Officers were sent to a group home for Veterans for a call for service. While at the home, Officers learned that due to a mishap the 6 Veterans would not be able to cook the 20 pound turkey as they had planned. The residents said they would walk to the store to get another turkey.

Officers found the food stores were closed and told the Veterans they would work to get a hot meal for them. An Officer stopped at one of the few open restaurants in the area, Tosca on North St., and explained the situation to the general manager to see if by chance they had any extra meals we could buy for the 6 Veterans. The manager immediately said they would make it work. Fifteen minutes later Tosca’s staff had meals for six, including all the sides and even a pie for desert boxed up. The manager refused to accept any payment and said they were happy they could help.

Officers called one of the Veterans to tell them Tosca had meals for them and we were on the way to their home. The Veteran simply said “tell them thank you and God bless”.

Like any restaurant on Thanksgiving, it was extremely busy inside Tosca at the time. The staff at Tosca, especially General Manager Patrick Blye, stepped up without any hesitation to get these Veterans a warm Thanksgiving Day meal in a pinch. We’re so appreciative of their support. ###P.I.O. Lt. Steven Dearth

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  1. A great example of the Eat Well Inc organization (Stars, Cafe Tosca, Tosca) stepping up to serve the Hingham community.
    Thank you to the Tosca staff, and thank you for your service to the veterans.


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