Residents asked to reduce unnecessary water usage in the next 48 hours

June 19, 2024 By Carol Britton Meyer

Weir River Water System Managing Director/ Superintendent Russell E Tierney explained the reasons behind the discolored water that many residents have been experiencing, especially during this heat wave:

“In short the brown water has been caused by excessive usage in the early mornings with residents watering their lawns.

The tank drops very quickly as water flows away from the it. We then compensate by increasing flow from the plant to ‘catch up’ and fill the tank so we don’t lose volume for firefighting (purposes).  This reversal of flow causes dirty water.  With only one tank in each pressure zone,  this is vital to the towns.”

WRWS officials are asking residents to reduce unnecessary water usage for 48 hours.

“We are meeting with Veolia (which manages the WRWS) tomorrow morning to review plant operations and our responses to these issues,” Tierney told the Hingham Anchor.

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  1. This is ridiculous. Modern towns don’t have continuous problems with dirty water like we’ve had the last month. Something is wrong with our water system. This is the third time in a month and it’s disgusting.


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