Recent Hingham Graduate Will Row Atlantic

July 8, 2024 Submitted by Ryan Mulfur

Greetings Hinghamites! My name is Ryan Mulflur, a recent graduate from Hingham’s Class of 2020. I fondly remember sailing with friends on the harbor as a kid, I spent summers rowing at Lincoln Maritime in middle school and competed on the high school crew team. Before I went all-in on rowing, I also spent a brief stint on the wrestling mats, which also developed my mental fortitude and confidence. My time spent out in Bare Cove and Hingham Harbor has influenced my undertaking of an upcoming endeavor. In December of 2025, I will row 3000 miles unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean in a race known as the World’s Toughest Row. Over the past couple of years, this event has become a dream of mine. It combines my desire to push past self-perceived capabilities and my love for rowing and the water. I’m reaching out to you, local Hinghamites, because Hingham is the community and place where my mental strength and passion for the ocean take their roots.

Quality mentorship played a pivotal role in my development, mainly through the Hingham Crew and Wrestling communities. I would never be undertaking this challenge without these experiences. My peers who were involved in other areas of the Hingham community have had similar paths toward success in their lives. This is why all proceeds we raise will go towards charities that invest in the mentorship of kids without the resources that I was very fortunate to have.

Preparation is what brings the scale of this event into the realm of possibility and success. To prepare, we must acquire our biggest expense first: an ocean rowing boat. After the boat is acquired, I will be training with my 3 teammates out on Lake Erie as we seek to win World’s Toughest Row 2025 and make a substantial philanthropic impact along the way! We’re making substantial progress on paying off our boat ‘Lionheart’, and our goal is to have it by August of this year, 2024. If you are a business owner, I want to get your business’s logo on the boat! Contact us for sponsorship at If not, support our dreams here, and learn more about our mission at

My initial thoughts were similar to what you might be thinking right now. “Why would anyone do this?”, “Is this even possible?”, and “Why would I put myself through that?”. “Why” turned into “Why Not?”. At the most basic level, I’m not trying to inspire people to row an ocean. My goal is for you to take a chance on yourself so that when you are faced with a challenge, you replace “Why?” with “Why not?”. Show the world what Hingham is about!

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  1. My son Brian kane works for GOST they have a tracking system to put on boat , which is tracking 2 women in a scull. in Calif . call any questions Irene kane


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